Just so there’s no mix-up, let’s get this out-of-the-way. Nancy Thayer’s highly anticipated new Holiday novel is called AN ISLAND CHRISTMAS and this is the cover. There has been another title and cover photo floating around, but we’re putting that story to rest. Here it is, and doesn’t it just get you in the mood for a glass of Merlot and trimming the tree?

In AN ISLAND CHRISTMAS, the arrival of the thirty-foot Norwegian Spruce tree officially announces the start of the Holiday season on Nantucket Island. This Christmas is going to be extra special in Jilly and George Gordon’s household. Their daughter, Felicia is coming home to the island from Utah for the first time in years and she’s bringing fiancé, Archie. They’re getting  married and her sister, Lauren is arranging the whole wedding.

Jilly’s house on Chestnut Street is a picturesque dollhouse. It’s filled with Holiday collectibles and antiques – all highly breakable. Since she’s decided to host Christmas and the wedding, there will be guests, including her young grandchildren and many opportunities for disaster. What possibly can go wrong does, plus a lot more.

It turns out, this is the perfect Christmas to put aside perfection and embrace one another’s love and the simple things that make family special. In the Gordon home, it’s a Holiday of full of surprises, changes and acceptance.

AN ISLAND CHRISTMAS is a bit predictable, but I enjoyed the way Nancy Thayer creates a warm traditional family Holiday. It’s a timely gift for readers.

Thanks to Netgalley and Ballantine Books for a kindle copy of AN ISLAND CHRISTMAS for an honest review. Check out and her Facebook page for everything NANCY. You can go my website to read about my novel.

Wishing all my readers a warm and blessed Holiday Season! xx

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