SAVING GRACE by Jane Green


From the outside, Grace Chapman’s life appears perfect. Her marriage to best-selling author, Ted Chapman is all she’s ever wanted, as well as her elegant home, job and charity work. But Grace is withdrawing into a well of pain and resentment. She’s fearful the illusion will be exposed and secrets of a past she has spent her life fighting to keep hidden will be discovered.

In Jane Green’s novel, SAVING GRACE (St.Martin’sPress) the Chapman’s lose their family assistant/friend, Ellen after fifteen years. They are forced to hire a new one and soon “Beth” has the job. But “Beth” has not only taken over working as Ted’s assistant, she has her eyes set on becoming Mrs. Chapman and three is a crowd.

Women currently facing menopause and dealing with all the fun that brings to  everyday life, will love reading how Jane Green accurately describes poor Grace’s experience. Yes, that bitch “Beth” has to go … but lucky for us, it takes dozens of pages of great storytelling!

I enjoyed reading SAVING GRACE. It’s a complex story with dark undertones and unexpected twists and turns. Jane Green tells the story of a woman who loses everything and has to fight back to get her home, husband and life. I hope every woman reads SAVING GRACE for the wonderful  story it is and as a warning. I don’t write that lightly. Be careful. There’s a lesson to be learned within these pages.

Thanks to Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press for a kindle copy for an honest review. Check out for all things JANE. You can find all my reviews at

SAVING GRACE will be published December 30th. NOW is the perfect time to pre-order on-line or at your local bookstore.


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