Treat yourself to some sweet success with Fine Cooking Magazine’s, CAKES & CUPCAKES (TauntonPress) – perfect for the upcoming Holiday season! There are over 100 recipes for all baking skill levels! FYI: The book doesn’t start with a lot of blah, blah introduction about what you need to prepare, it gets right into the recipes, so let’s start whipping up some treats!

CAKES & CUPCAKES is divided up into five sections: snack cakes, layer cupcakes & party cakes, cool & creamy cakes, fruit cakes and show stoppers. I love baked goods, so I got right into baking a couple of goodies myself!

First, I made the cranberry streusel pound cake. I decided if I really liked it, Holiday gifts for neighbors and work friends might be covered with this luscious loaf. Well, I’m happy to report, it’s yummy. I especially love the icing. Now all I have to do, is find a pretty way to pack each cake up with some lovely cranberry branches.

I also made the moist apple crumb cake. The recipe suggests using a homemade applesauce, which I used to make when I lived in the Midwest, but I settled for a top store brand. It turned out delish, anyway. Maybe I’ll make some of these up for gifts, too.

These were two of the simpler recipes, but I can tell you from my limited experience, CAKES & CUPCAKES is a baker’s delight.

Thanks to Netgalley http://www.netgalley.com and Taunton Press for a kindle copy of CAKES & CUPCAKES for an honest review. For more cooking recipes ideas check out http://www.finecooking.com. Go to http://www.cindyroesel.com for more of my reviews.

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