THE SECRET of CLOUDS by Alyson Richman & Giveaway


Alyson Richman is the international bestselling author of The Velvet HoursThe Garden of LettersThe Lost WifeThe Last Van GoghThe Rhythm of MemoryThe Mask Carver’s Son, and Grand Central. She lives in Long Island, New York, with her husband and two children.
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LITTLE BIG LOVE by Katy Regan & Giveaway


Katy Regan’s darling novel, LITTLE BIG LOVE (BerkleyPublishingGroup), is the story of well-kept secrets and shows how love comes in all forms.

Ten-year-old Zac Hutchinson collects facts: octopuses have three hearts, Usain Bolt is the fastest man on earth. He’s the kind of kid every parent wants. But no one will tell him what happened to his father and where he went.

Liam Jones was the love of Juliet’s life. He was her brother’s best friend, then her best friend, then the father of her little boy, Max. In those shining weeks after Zac was born, she had never been happier and neither had Liam. And then one night, Liam disappeared without a trace.

When Juliet, accidentally admits to Max that his father is the only man she’s ever loved, Zac decides he is going to find him and deliver his mom the happily ever after she deserves. But Liam left for a reason, and as Zac searches for clues of his father, Juliet begins to rebuild what shattered so many years ago.

I found myself on team Zac and his BFF, Teagan as they embarked on Super Top Secret: FIND DAD MISSION. These children are wise beyond their years, but it never feels inauthentic. We could all learn something or things from them.


Katy Regan was brought up in a seaside town in northern England. She studied at the University of Leeds before moving to London, where she worked as a journalist and as a commissioning editor at Marie Claire magazine. Katy has written four books published in the UK, and Little Big Love is her US debut.

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THE QUEEN of HEARTS by Kimmery Martin in paperback & Giveaway



One of Real Simple‘s “Best Books of 2018”
Named a Most Anticipated Book of 2018 by Southern Living, Elite Daily, and Writer’s Digest.

National bestseller, Kimmery Martin’s


A powerful debut novel, praised by The New York Times, Bustle, and Hypable, “that pulses with humor and empathy as it explores the heart’s capacity for forgiveness…”

Zadie Anson and Emma Colley have been best friends since their early twenties, when they first began navigating serious romantic relationships amid the intensity of medical school. Now they’re happily married wives and mothers with successful careers–Zadie as a pediatric cardiologist and Emma as a trauma surgeon. Their lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, are chaotic but fulfilling, until the return of a former colleague unearths a secret one of them has been harboring for years.

As chief resident, Nick Xenokostas was the center of Zadie’s life–both professionally and personally–throughout a tragic chain of events during her third year of medical school that she has long since put behind her. Nick’s unexpected reappearance at a time of new professional crisis shocks both women into a deeper look at the difficult choices they made at the beginning of their careers. As it becomes evident that Emma must have known more than she revealed about circumstances that nearly derailed both their lives, Zadie starts to question everything she thought she knew about her closest friend.

There are many aspects to this novel, which I loved. I learned so much about heart surgery – Kimmery is an Emergency Room surgeon! And I loved the friendship between Zadie and Emma, which will hook readers right from the start. It was one of the most compelling and multi-layered novels about women’s friendships, with all it’s love and yuckiness, that I’ve read in a while. I can only hope for a sequel with these characters – STAT!



Author of THE QUEEN OF HEARTS (2018, Penguin, medical/women’s fiction)
•ER doc, mother, book reviewer, travel writer, obsessive reader, Southerner• Instagram: @kimmerymartin

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THE VICTORY GARDEN by Rhys Bowen & Giveaway




RHYS BOWEN, known best for her historical novels, is back with romance in THE VICTORY GARDEN (LakeUnionPublishing). This time it is 1918 – WWI, known as the Great War.

Emily Bryce is a girl raised in privilege. Rarely does she face hardship, but that’s about to change. Her best friend is a nurse serving on the front lines, but Emily is turned away from such a dangerous job. Instead, she becomes a “Land Girl” in the English countryside, working on the Devonshire estate of Lady Charleton. There she finds a journal and a life she never could have dreamed of.

THE VICTORY GARDEN is an honest portrayal of what life was a century ago and the characters are relatable. The ultimate truth I took away was how important it is to be true to yourself, and to trust your authenticity, despite what challenges might come your way.

rhys-2017 (1)

Rhys Bowen is the New York Times Bestselling Author of the Royal Spyness Series, Molly Murphy Mysteries, and Constable Evans. She has won the Agatha Best Novel Award and has been nominated for the Edgar Best Novel. Rhys’s titles have received rave reviews around the globe.

On March 1, 2017, Rhys is excited to announce the publication of her first big stand-alone thriller, In Farleigh Field, set in World War Two at an English stately home.  It has already received stellar reviews.

Rhys currently writes two mystery series, the atmospheric Molly Murphy novels, about a feisty Irish immigrant in 1900s New York City, and the funny and sexy Royal Spyness mysteries, about a penniless minor royal in 1930s Britain. Her books have made bestseller lists, garnered many awards, nominations, and starred reviews. She was born in England and married into a family with historic royal connections. She now divides her time between California and Arizona.

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THE CHEF’S SECRET by Crystal King & Giveaway



THE CHEF’S SECRET (Atria), author, Crystal King’s follow-up novel to the hugely successful, THE FEAST OF SORROW will be published tomorrow. It’s a delicious historical novel about a famous Italian Renaissance chef, Bartolomeo Scappi, who was the cuoco segreto (private cook) to several Popes. Once again, King’s novel cover is a spectacular juicy buffet that’ll make one’s mouth water.


The stewards warning that lives were at stake lingered. My uncle was not one to be so melodramic, so his words gave me pause.

THE CHEF’S SECRET is also a mystery, full of danger, passion and a view into 16th century Italy. It will have you at once, starving to eat from the sumptuous banquets being served, to reeling over from the significant history and enjoying a tale worthy of Popes.

When Bartolomeo Scappi dies, his kitchen and recipes are inherited by his nephew, Giovanni Brioschi. He also inherits his strongbox filled with journals and told to destroy them. Of course he doesn’t and readers are swept into story of deception, intrigue, betrayal and murder – all to cover up a love affair, which would destroy many lives.


The story alternates between a young Bartomeleo Scappi and his nephew Govanni. The narrative and plot are swift with complex characters worthy of an opera. THE CHEF’S SECRET has been compared in scope and complexity to Dan Brown’s bestsellers. I for one, think it’s much better, certainly more delicious.

There is another exciting element available: A digital companion cookbook filled with recipes of tortellini, fried chicken, macaroni, fruit pies, chicken soup, meatballs, fritters, napoleons, biscotti … the list goes on, until you hear your stomach growling. On the other hand, there are dishes foreign to most of our modern day palettes, including hedgehog, boar, porcupine, calves eyes and others. Our culinary education from that era continues with samples of history: cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and rosewater were ingredients which were expensive and used to show off one’s wealth. Sugar was also frequently used, but it was a costly addition, enabling a noble to exhibit their riches. Techniques at that time included washing meat in wine, boiling meat before roasting and today we don’t cook over an open fire.

After reading THE CHEF’S SECRET novel, I took a look at the cookbook and found some recipes I could actually make. One in particular that caught my interest was a Pumpkin Torte. I’m off to try my culinary skills.


THE CHEF’S SECRET will be published tomorrow.


Who Is Crystal King?

I am a novelist, editor, professor, social media professional, and critical & creative thinker. My work as a writer is the thread that ties my broad experience together.

My debut novel, FEAST OF SORROW, is about Marcus Gavius Apicius, the man whose name is on the world’s oldest known cookbook. It was published by Touchstone Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, on April 25, 2017. My work is represented by Amaryah Orenstein at GO Literary.

I have taught writing, creativity and social media at UMass BostonBoston UniversityMass College of Art, and Harvard Extension School. I often teach classes on social media for authors at Grub Street, one of the most amazing writing communities in the country.

My husband, my shining star, is a French-Acadian/Italian who is a fantastic chef and visual artist. My kitties, Nero and Merlin, supply us with enough white fur to make ourselves winter coats each year. Kidding on that last fact, but technically, it could be true.

I also work in the world of social media, marketing, and community management. Note that the statements included here on this site do not reflect the opinions or attitudes of any of my employers.

Any questions? Check out Crystal’s website

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FYI: Bookclubs may want  to include a recipe or two from the cookbook when meeting to discuss THE CHEF’S SECRET.

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THE GIRLS AT 17 SWANN STREET by Yara Zgheib & Giveaway



Yara Zgheib’s debut novel, THE GIRLS AT 17 SWANN STREET (BerkleyPublishing) is a haunting portrait of a young woman’s struggle with anorexia and an intimate journey to reclaim her life. 

I suffered from eating disorders in my 20’s and early 30’s and was blessed to get help for my disease. Not everyone is so fortunate. Some suffer for years before ever learning they have one, or aren’t able to get help in time.

“The chocolate went first, then the cheese, the fries, the ice cream. The bread was more difficult, but if she could just lose a little more weight, perhaps she would make the soloists’ list. Perhaps if she were lighter, danced better, tried harder, she would be good enough. Perhaps if she just ran for one more mile, lost just one more pound.” 

26 year-old Anna Roux was a professional dancer who followed the man of her dreams from Paris to Missouri. There, alone with her biggest fears – imperfection, failure, loneliness – she spirals down anorexia and depression till she weighs a mere eighty-eight pounds.

Forced to seek treatment, she is admitted as a patient at 17 Swann Street, a peach pink house where pale, fragile women with life-threatening eating disorders live. Together, they must fight their diseases and face six meals a day. Every bite causes anxiety. Every flavor induces guilt. And every step Anna takes toward recovery will require strength, endurance, and the support of the girls at 17 Swann Street.

February 25th – March 3rd is Eating Disorders Awareness week. Check out to get more information. If you or anyone you know needs help, log onto or call 1-855-313-2652.



Yara Zgheib is a Fulbright scholar with a Masters degree in Security Studies from Georgetown University and a PhD in International Affairs in Diplomacy from Centre D’études Diplomatiques et Stratégiques in Paris. She is fluent in English, Arabic, French, and Spanish. Yara is a writer for several US and European magazines, including The Huffington PostThe Four Seasons MagazineA Woman’s ParisThe Idea List, and Holiday Magazine. She is the author of The Girls at 17 Swann Street and writes on culture, art, travel, and philosophy on her blog, “Aristotle at Afternoon Tea”


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